Mikaël Ouaniche invité au Colloque annuel de la CRCC de Paris, au Tribunal de Commerce de Paris Actualités FR 2016 Publication du livre "La réparation dans l'arbitrage international d'investissement" Co-écrit par Mikaël Ouaniche et Stéphane prigent

Publication of the book " Compensation for damages in International Investment Arbitration " co-authored by Mikaël Ouaniche and Stéphane Prigent

Compensation for Damage in International Investment Arbitration



Mikaël Ouaniche, Stéphane Prigent


This book is the first to combine a legal and an economic approach to the violation of international investment law and the evaluation of their financial consequences.

It is intended for arbitrators, lawyers, legal experts and financial experts.

It will also be useful for academics who study this issue, which crosses disciplinary lines.


The cross-disciplinary approach proposed by Mikael Ouaniche and Stéphane Prigent in this original work reflects the dual nature of the debates that irrigate the practice of State-investor arbitration, through a rigorous analysis of arbitral case law.


As Laurent Jaeger, President of the French Arbitration Committee, who prefaced the book, says: “Lawyers and arbitrators will be able to improve their understanding of economic and financial valuation methods; experts will be able to improve their understanding of the underlying legal mechanisms. [...] It took all the experience and talent of Mikael Ouaniche and Stéphane Prigent to marry law, economics and finance so harmoniously”.



Table of contents


Preface written by Laurent Jaeger