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Litigation & Arbitration


The Litigation & Arbitration line of services combines the highest levels of financial evaluation and investigation expertise to provide litigation support (e.g. arbitration, mediation, legal disputes).


OCA and its partners are frequently appointed as experts by judicial courts in civil, commercial and criminal proceedings.






The Restructuring  line of services assists funding partners, procedural bodies and businesses with the management of operational and financial difficulties.


With over 30 years of expertise and experience, OCA is a reference in the field of amicable insolvency procedures (e.g. ad hoc mandates, mediation) and collective procedures (e.g. conservation, judicial review).





Transaction & Strategic operation


The Strategic Operation and Transaction services provides support to businesses with their planned growth and development.


Firmly oriented towards international development, particularly toward emerging markets, our consultants are choice partners for your mergers, acquisitions and business transfers.


We also provide assistance in cases of search warrants of financial or commercial partners in France and abroad.



Competition Economics


OCA Economics delivers economic and econometric analyzes, as part of the treatment of regulatory problems and competition litigation


Our independent experts intervene at the request of legal departments and law firms to provide robust economic analyzes to support their positions before the courts and regulatory authorities.  


We also assist upstream businesses to inform and secure their competitive strategies from an economic perspective





Last update : 14/06/2019