Our values (2)

quote1There is no fair wind for the one who doesn’t know his final harbourquote2


Our assets  


OCA’s exceptional service is the result of :

Experience et expertise

The level of experience and expertise of our associates and personnel are of the utmost importance. We know that the quality of the result is the product of the expertise of the managing team as much as the experience of the collaborating team members. Our recruitment process is highly selective and based on very specific criteria in terms of experience and education.

Flexibility and Adaptability

OCA is made up of highly qualified consultants that adapt to the specific needs of each client. We do not believe in a uniform approach that may not fit in within the organization of an individual company. We offer tailored solutions adapted to the objectives, method of operation and company culture of our clients.


OCA’s partners and associates are committed to your needs and you will benefit from their availability and responsiveness. Our ability to quickly manage your needs is a key element in a cooperative and trusting partnership.


Our guarantees 


OCA is a certified accounting firm that has been registered with the corresponding professional order from the very beginning. As such it meets the highest standards for quality and ethics.

Client Privilege

Absolute respect for professional confidentiality (art. 226-13 of the criminal code).

Ethics Code

The strictest application of a professional code of ethics (decree no.2007-1387 of September 27, 2007) notably specifying the obligations of liberal professionals towards their clients (art. 15-20 of the ethics code).


Insuring the certified accountant with professional liability insurance adapted to the context of their professional activities (art. 17 of ruling no. 45-2138, September 19, 1945).

Furthermore, OCA regularly works with judges and attorneys independently of its partnerships with businesses and can work in complete impartiality.


Last update : 10/07/2018