Forensic accounting (2)

Forensic Accounting


The fight against fraud is an increasingly important issue for businesses. Beyond the high financial cost, acts of accounting and financial delinquency generally have dramatic and indirect consequences such as; damage to reputation, loss of motivation among personnel, fall in stock prices, etc.


To efficiently prevent fraud, OCA’s specialists make their experience available to aid businesses prepare their own prevention and detection programs.


Prevention :


The purpose of a comprehensive anti-fraud program is to:


  • Reduce the opportunities to commit fraud by reinforcing regulations.
  • Lower the number of pressure factors by understanding the constraints placed on both the employees and employers of a company.
  • Remove the possibilities for self-justification by creating conditions that favor collective support of company values.


To encourage genuine initiatives from management to create an anti-fraud program OCA provides support for every step of the process to help put the program in place which includes:


  • The implementation of training programs and workshops with the purpose of raising awareness in those concerned by the issue and to identify possible scenarios in which fraud may be committed within the company.
  • The drafting, the validation and the application of a procedures manual.
  • Putting an alert system into place.
  • The composition a code of ethics.
  • Assisting with the creation and application of a compliance audit.


Investigation :


We step in before any legal action is taken to confirm or disprove suspected fraud within a company.


In cases of proven violation, our mission is to piece together the patterns of fraudulent operations, collect proof for any eventual legal action, evaluate the financial impact, identify the potentially responsible parties and if necessary recommend remedial possibilities.
The short-term goal is to prevent infractions by making sure those responsible are unable to do more damage. The medium-term objective is to assemble evidence proving the misconduct of management or those indirectly responsible, such as accomplices, and to obtain compensation.
The primary purpose of these missions is to prevent any repetition of such misconduct by applying the recommendations resulting from the investigation.




Last update : 13/06/2022