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OCA’s Chinese Desk


OCA’s Chinese Desk was created for two reasons:

  • to accompany OCA’s French clients in the development of their investment projects in China, primarily in the area of audit and accounting.
  • to Accompany Chinese companies with their ventures in countries where OCA has a foothold.

History has shown that companies find it difficult to establish themselves in the various regions of China or, to create financial or commercial-technical partnerships with Chinese companies because of a lack of knowledge of the culture, law, society, politics etc.


Similarly, our Chinese clients encounter difficulties with their international development due to their unfamiliarity of the European economic environment.

In order to successfully grow in China, small and medium sized businesses and middle-market companies from France should have access to external counsel that provides assistance that is just as valuable as the internal resources of large companies (Chinese Desks).


Our Experience


With over 8 years of experience developing technical and financial partnerships, OCA ASIA, an independent consulting firm present in France and China can provide this service.

We are able to facilitate the formation of French-Chinese partnerships with our firmly established network in China and our knowledge of the economic world, the language and cultures. Our services also include preparation of various strategies including:


  • Partnerships: potential Chinese partners are not always familiar with international transactions. We go beyond the basic analysis. We look to identify the features, the qualities and the weaknesses as well as the strategic and organizational environment to form the most compatible partnerships.
  • Acquisition: our understanding of these transactions show that in order to acquire a Chinese company a number of prerequisites need to be met (e.g. company culture, human resources, internal organization, financial means).
  • Transfer: to assure the success of a purchase (boost attractiveness and value, financial security etc.) our method is based on a profound understanding of a company’s mode of operation, its business model and its environment to identify its principal points of potential value, from the standpoint of Chinese investors.
  • Fundraising: we have permanent contracts with investment funds, venture capital and family offices based in China to identify European marks that will best accommodate their investment strategy.

We are also frequently commissioned by French clients to negotiate and raise funds from Chinese investors. We participate in the entire process of selection and negotiation.

Our bilingual and multicultural experts are able to work in the language used by our clients (French, English, Chinese etc.). Our procedures as well as our written reports are developed in theory and in practice in such a way as to minimize cultural differences to control risks and keep information secure.


The Chinese Desk’s merger and acquisition operations are accomplished within the OCA ASIA structure, accredited by the AMF.


Last update : 10/07/2018