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Book chapters

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Working papers and mimeos (drafts available upon request)

  • Game of Frauds, with Thierry Lafay and Constance Monnier.
  • Endogenous Correlation and Moral Hazard, with René Kirkegaard.
  • Communication Strategies of NGOs: Theory and Evidence, with Mathieu Couttenier, Matthieu Glachant and Sophie Hatte.
  • The Incentive Properties of Collective Reputation, with Wanda Mimra and Angelo Zago.
  • Regulating Collective Reputation Markets [pdf] [pres]

(replaces "Collective Reputation and Market Structure: Regulating the Quality vs Quantity Trade-Off"). Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Industrial Economics.

  • The Incentive Value of Deadlines.
  • Collective versus Relative Incentives: the Agency Perspective, with Nicolas Roux [pdf]
  • Labelling Contests with Endogenous Precision, with Béatrice Roussillon and Paul Schweinzer.
  • Pesticide Regulation: The Case of French Wine, with Joël Aka and Christophe Deola.

Media and wide audience (in French)