Inheritance/estate disputes

Inheritance/Estate Disputes


We examine court rulings of inheritance/estate disputes as well as provide private expertise on these issues upon the request of one of the concerned parties.




On the basis of article 255-9° of the civil code, we are frequently appointed in cases of:


  • Total analysis of an entity’s legacy, economic, financial, compensatory status.
  • A total inventory of the spouses’ shared and individual movable and immovable assets, which includes their value.
  • Examine inactivity, recovery and rewards.
  • Calculate the occupational compensation owed to the common regime if the spouses have used shared assets individually or used those owed by the common regime to the spouses.
  • Investigate the nature and importance of revenues that each spouse benefits from, regardless of where they originated.
  • Assess each of the spouses’ various materiel or financial occupational benefits, their capital or their real estate property, that are or may be used over time by both spouses.
  • Determine the eventual sums of their various pensions and retirement funds as well as the specifics of each of the plans they benefit from.
  • Determine the nature and the exact and non-negotiable total of expenses born by each spouse.
  • Recommend all useful ideas relating to a possible disparity between the spouses’ financial situation, and the cost of benefits in the form of capital or independent income that may compensate the gap, as per the provisions provided by articles 270 et al of the civil code.



  • Accounting and financial investigations to determine how the estate will be divided.
    Assess the movable and immovable assets included in the estate assets.
    Identifying transactions that may indicate gifts to be returned to the estate assets.

Last update : 07/08/2018