Company Valuation (2)

Company valuation


Our method of assessment is not limited to implementing sophisticated models (Discontinued Cash Flow, Real Options Valuation, Monte-Carlo).


Our method requires a profound understanding of the mode of operations of a business, of its business model, of its environment, in order to identify the factors that create and are the source of its value.


Strengthened by our sector-specific expertise and our frequent work in fusions and acquisitions, and the services provided to courts of law, we operate in the following areas:


  • Business assessment – principally within the scope of articles 1843-3 and 1592 of the civil code (third-party expert cases).
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA).
  • Assessment of brands, patents and other intangible assets.
  • Impairment tests.
  • Assessment of financial tools.
  • Equity certificate AMF (Financial Markets Authority)
  • Amicable or legal separation procedures between partners or divorce involving a significant estate.
Last update : 30/08/2018