Intellectual property disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes


We have considerable experience managing accounting and financial issues relating to intellectual property disputes.


Our previous missions have included:


  • Brand evaluation
  • Loss assessment resulting from counterfeit practices
  • Royalties Audit and litigation


We also intervene on issues of abuse of authority and agreements related to intellectual property assets.





  • National Institute for Research: Assessing loss following allegations of counterfeit certification by a partner company.
  • Agri-food industry: Brand assessment in the case of a dispute regarding the presentation of sell-off accounts (Arbitration CCI).
  • Software vendors: Royalty audits and follow-up assistance in cases of negotiations regarding the considerable licensing fees concerning software distribution contracts.
  • Luxury goods industry: Loss assessment following counterfeit jewelry designs and models.
  • Comic book publishers: Royalty audits regarding the product merchandising of popular characters of comic books.













Last update : 14/08/2018