Emmanuel Moreau (2) (2)

Emmanuel Moreau holds Master of Sciences in Accounting and Finance. He’s a memorialist CPA.


He began his career in 1995 at KPMG as a financial auditor in 1998 and then joined OCA in the Litigation department Litigation.


Emmanuel Moreau | Mission Director – Litigation and Litigation

Emmanuel has a specialized expertise over insolvency proceedings, particularly in the context of expert missions assigned by the Commercial Courts and on the following aspects :

  • analysis of the origin of the difficulties ;
  • Search the responsibility of executives and third parties ;
  • contrôle du respect des règles comptables et juridiques ;
  • monitoring compliance with legal and accounting rules ;
  • analysis of economic and financial relations in groups.

His experience also covers forensic missions assigned by the prosecution in the financial affairs.

Emmanuel also assists companies in the financial aspects of their litigation files (damage assessment, research responsibilities, fraud).

Last update : 12/02/2016