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Distressed M&A

Distressed M&A


OCA will assist you at every step throughout the acquisition procedure.



  • Identifying potential businesses through our network.
  • Evaluating the potential businesses.
  • Assessing the asset value and the importance of the liability structure.
  • Analyzing the sale project and the intervention in the Data Room and/or on site.
  • Operational, financial and strategic diagnosis.
  • Analysis of profitability and the source of problems and determining a prescriptive result.
  • Evaluating the VC structure.
  • Past cash flow assessment.
  • Business plan assessment (primary advantages, risks and opportunities).


Building the Acquisition Plan

  • Assisting with financial modelling.
  • Choosing the mode of acquisition (e.g. disposal plan, continuation plan).
  • Determining an acquisition perimeter.
  • Support developing a downsizing plan.
  • Resolving specific legal issues (e.g. collateral, continuation of contracts).
  • Composing the and support with the sale offer.
Last update : 30/08/2018