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Financial Due Diligence


For your external growth projects our multidisciplinary teams work to implement your financial due diligence. The goal of our audit approach is to secure transactions and optimize operations by identifying negotiation points with the sellers.


  • Data Room operations and/or within the prospective business purchase.
  • Operational, financial and strategic diagnosis.
  • Profit analysis and determining a prescriptive result.
  • Analysis of the VC structure.
  • Analysis of past cash flow.
  • Analysis of net debt and identifying restatements that may have an impact on price.
  • Business plan assessment (primary advantages, risks and opportunities).
  • State of financial transfers audits.

We also undertake post-acquisition disputes to evaluate the financial repercussions in the case of default by one of the parties involved; applying earn out clauses, action in warranty of liabilities or fraud, etc.



Last update : 30/08/2018